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We are bringing the popular Operation Domination gametype to Airsoft Barracks Outdoor Field.
Two teams will fight for control over several control points on the field. The main difference with this game is that every location can be captured, medic rules are in play, and team leadership will determine how their support assets are used.

Admission $30


How to Capture a Control Point
• Each capture point will begin in a neutral state.
• Simple raise your team flag to capture the control point
• Once a flag is raised above the opposing teams flag that base is captured.
• Once a base is captured it can be used a respawn point for the team that captured it.
• If a base is contested it cannot be captured.
• You cannot capture or respawn at a contested Control Point.
Contested Capture Points
• You cannot respawn if you are hit while attempting to respawn at a capture point.
• You cannot capture the point if you are shot while raising your team’s flag at a capture point.
• You must then move to a captured territory and respawn. You may revive if you find a medic while heading back to respawn.

Artillery Support Hub
The Artillery Support Hub is a neutral location on the field that can be used to drop an Artillery Strike on any captureable location.
• To use the Artillery Support Hub a player must bring a Command Module to the Artillery Support Hub.
• Player may then request a firemission to a designated flag.
• The firemission will then “neutralize” any opposing player within 100 feet of the objective.
• Medics cannot treat those hit by an Artillery Strike.
• Opposing forces cannot enter the area for 5 minutes.
• Once 5 minutes expires then opposing forces may enter area to retake or hold designated flag.
Things to remember
Here are a few changes that knowing will greatly help you in your gameplay.
• All bases can be captured which could result in a team being completely wiped off the field.
• Medical rules are in play as with all Combat Casual Events.
• Team Leadership will be in charge of support assets.

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Casual Cafe will be on-site with the grill to serve all hungry operators.