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Operation Occupied Signal


Operation Occupied Signal places two motivated fighting forces in a scenario where they must compete to find intelligence caches and initiate a data transmission to their respective COMMAND. Successful objective completion require unit cohesion, critical thinking, and proper utilization of assets.

We are introducing two factions for our MILSIM Scenario Events moving forward. These factions will move us further into better IFF and unit cohesion.

Headgear and clothing must match the base color of the factions. Tactical Gear does not matter. Email us at combatcasual@gmail.com or reach out to us on social media for uniform question.


Permitted Patterns: Woodland, MARPAT, Olive Drab/Ranger Green, Tropic Multicam, A.T.A.C.S Foilage, Caiman, AOR2, Tiger Strike (Green),


tfsabretanPermitted Patterns: Multicam, Multicam ARID, 3 Color Desert, Desert MARPAT, AOR1, Tan/Brown, A.T.A.C.S. AU, Tiger Strike (Tan)


Objective A: Locate intelligence caches and take them to Communications Hub

Objective B: Open Intel caches and decrypt the communications signal

Objective C: Hold position for 15 minutes and prevent opposing forces from hijacking signal.

Each round will be one hour and we will continue our format of taking a one hour break from the scenario between rounds. We highly encourage attendees bring items for Buy/Sale/Trade and we will run smaller games by player request in between scenario rounds.

Mission Mechanics

During this operation there are several mechanics in place to give the edge to either side.

Intel Caches: Intel caches are sealed cases that cannot be opened until at the designated point inside the Communications Hub.

Artillery Support: Once a team has successfully decrypted the communications signal they must hold position for 15 minutes. They have the option for one DANGER CLOSE firemission. This can only be used once, it will affect one side of the outer perimeter of the communications hub, and the effective range will be decided on by field admins. Team Leadership can make the request for this support option.

Player Loadout: If you have room for extra ammo, field accessories feel free to carry them. We do not limit on how much extra ammo you may want to carry, we just enforce magazines if you do not have the proper type for this event.

Rules of Engagement: We are using our HOPPERS MILSIM R.O.E. ruleset for this event. Details below.

  • Only close quarter weapons and Light Machine Gunners have the option for full automatic fire.

  • Close Quarter 350 fps with .25 (full auto)

  • Light Machine Gunner 420 fps with .25 (50 ft MED, must switch to semi or close quarter weapon to continue engagement)

  • All other weapon platforms are restricted to semi automatic.

  • Mid Cap magazines will be enforced for this event. You can have unlimited mid cap magazines or use two high cap magazines per round. (Light Machine Gunners are excluded from this rule and may use high cap/drum/box magazines.)

  • All other magazine fed platforms must use mid cap magazines.

  • Players without proper kit will not be permitted to play to participate.

Shooting while inside Communications Hub

The communications hub is an impressive two story fortification built within the woods of Hoppers Paintball/Airsoft. We want to ensure player safety while maintaining the intensity of close quarters combat. For this reason we have placed the following rules of engagement for those shooting in and around the Communications Hub (Green Fort).

Only close quarter weapon platforms may breach the compound and continue to engage throughout the interior of the Communications Hub.

Any weapon platform may act as a defender on the second floor shooting towards the exterior of the compound.

Note : If you are breached by a close quarter player and are not close quarter capable you cannot engage and must accept the hit from a close quarter player, you could also call yourself out if you see the player enter. (DO NOT FORGET THIS)

Intelligence Caches

  • These are white boxes spread throughout the AO.

  • These CANNOT be opened until you reach the communications HUB.

  • They will have tape on them, if the tape is broken all friendlies in the communications HUB will be killed as penalty.

  • Inside will be the encryption device, match this device to your factions color to begin intel transmission to COMMAND.

  • Once done you must hold the communications HUB for 15 minutes to ensure your intel is not compromised.